Equine-Assisted Therapy, Growth & Learning


HORSES on the Ranch – Winter-Spring 2021

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HORSES on the Ranch is working to cultivate and inspire personal journeys of healing and growth, through trauma-informed, evidence-based and integrative equine-assisted programs.


People overcome barriers to self-sufficiency and success, develop leadership, find inspiration and build community through comprehensive programs in equine-assisted therapy.

Who we serve

We are a trauma-informed organization, sharing over 30 years of experience, offering programs for all people, with a focus on the needs of women, veterans and young people.

What we do

We offer both individual and group therapy sessions to support and facilitate healing of a variety of conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, substance abuse and recovery, behavioral and social difficulties. Programming focused on growth and learning are available to support communication, collaboration, social-emotional skills, anti-bullying, resilience, teamwork and leadership. We offer help for children and adults.

We offer comprehensive, confidential and evidence-based services through a professionally accredited staff, a licensed Mental Health team, and well-trained and cared for equine partners and community volunteers.