The Shift

Everyone I know is in some sort of flux. Transition appears to be the new normal. I’m settling into my temporary digs, grateful for the opportunity to spend the winter able to focus on program development, and not on personal survival. A storm blew in this evening, witnessed by me from a rocking chair on the deck. Wind chimes and rain on the tin roof offered soundtrack for my thoughts to churn by. Grateful for the moment’s rest, preparing, in some way, for a yet undetermined date for the next move. Reflecting on the truth that 2 weeks ago I could not have imagined sitting here, rocking while the wind carries the summer into the fall…

Likewise, two weeks ago I could not have imagined the growth of this beloved organization, H.O.R.S.E.S. on the Ranch. A wild series of little moments later, we have a beautiful video, an active fundraising campaign, an upcoming tv interview, a second location, and enough community support to buy feed and start a series of sessions for special needs kids. We have significant interest from Veterans organizations, counseling centers, health care providers and multiple individuals in creating plans and programs to meet unique needs.

We are grateful for the response, grateful for the interest, and overwhelmingly grateful for the support of our communities. We have received nearly $2500 (& a two-horse trailer!) in the first week. Help us continue the journey, help us build momentum.

Donate here:

Believe in the possibilities!

We do ❤

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