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November 2020 newsletter, and a look-back

November 13, 2020
Dear friends, supporters and encouragers,

I found the newsletter from January of this year. So much has happened since that day! (page two here)

• We found a permanent home at Wine Down Ranch, just north of Prineville

• We earned two of our Eagala Military Services individual designations

• We began seeing regular clients one or two days a week in March

• We co-wrote a grant in partnership with Crook County Health Department, and were awarded financial resources to serve young people in our community, this time specific to resiliency and suicide prevention for the LGBTQ+ youth

• We served our first Veteran. What an honor it is be able to serve those who have served.

• We co-hosted the first (of many) sessions of Young, Wild, Free to Be – youth resiliency skills workshop with Canyon Moon Farms and Bhakti Earth Yoga

• We served 10 individuals between March and September, some of them each week like clockwork

• We began group therapy services

• We began outlining other spaces we can develop for therapeutic and educational programming

• We have seen referrals for services increase, coming from across the tri-county region

What we need
• Like every nonprofit serving our community, we need money
*Funding for services, for those in the gap without insurance or means to pay for service
*Funding to build an indoor space to do our work through the winter months
*Funding to keep our equine team fed, healthy and well cared for
*Funding for ongoing training to keep our therapeutic human team certified and updated
*Funding to increase our capacity to serve – to meet the demands of our community
• We need Board members and Committee members (Fundraising and Volunteer Workday planners)
*We have an increasingly strong board, and some exciting new members, but we need expertise in legal and financial worlds. I’m just a horse chic
*We have a couple of people interested in collaborating on a significant fundraising event, a solid team with this singular focus would be awesome, also in developing major sponsors

Needs are widespread and deep this season. If you are able to give financially, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit

PayPal or mail check to HORSES on the Ranch PO BOX 1781, Prineville 97754

If all you can do is hold a space in your heart for us, and spread the word, that is important and valuable too!

Facebook @HORSESontheRanch also, please share our website

And soon, we will have even more stories to tell. We look forward to sharing them with you.

Would you help by sharing our story?
Forever grateful – Darcy
Darcy Bedortha, MS, MA
Founder and Director, HORSES on the Ranch

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