Farm & Forest School

H.O.R.S.E.S. on the Ranch will offer Farm & Forest School programming to support the increasing need for connections to the earth, to natural cycles of the sustainable growing of food and of the wild spaces surrounding us.

We are beginning now with evidence based education programming for ages 5-8, expanding as able through high school. We are cultivating partnerships with public schools, educators serving special needs students and homeschooling families.

Grounded in the trauma-informed equine-assisted therapy work we do, our education programs will meet the needs of our rural community through focusing on Social Emotional Learning, building awareness of self and others, developing healthy connections and habits, and fostering skills in collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

Over time, the youth and families we serve will build relationship to the land and the history of this place where we live. Through project-based exploration of problems and solutions on the land and in community, we will learn together to address real-world problems beyond our program and into a lifetime of engaged citizenship.

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