Enrollment is open! Classes begin April 6

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So what is being learned at Farm & Forest School?

We have a variety of curriculum that will guide our work, but the focus is hands-on nature-based experiential learning. We’ll do a lot of art and crafting, some science stuff, and beginning literacy. All dependent on ages and interests of the kids…  I have an early reader curriculum centered on work with horses, a general forest school curriculum, and a garden curriculum. I’ll be getting a few levels of Wild Math soon. 
We’ll spend most of our time on communication, collaboration, creativity and learning to observe, describe and ask questions – all while we do fun things outside. Learning to learn and to love learning. We’ll work on Social-Emotional Learning skills too.
I’m excited to collaborate with families and build programming around the needs of kids. This is an enrichment rather than an academic-intensive program, but every experience has something to connect to reading, writing, science, and math 🙂
We won’t have screen time, and no worksheets (there may be handouts occasionally). 
I’m a Secondary English teacher by training, but spent a couple of years working for Portland’s award winning Trackers Earth camps. I bring a lot of that experience to this work. So there will occasionally be outdoor skills like tracking animals, fire safety, wild plant identification, shelter building, etc.  
My goal is to nurture relationships to the plants and animals here, to allow time to wonder about them, and for deep study of things like bugs and mud and flowers. Kids will get dirty, and probably tired. They’ll have something they found or made to take home every day, and will have snack and a story. 
2 hour class time with a 30 minute cushion for those who need extra transition time.
Feedback is welcome!