21  year old quarter horse mare

Mattie was the last foal from Darcy's favorite old mare. When Mattie was 6 weeks old her mama died from colic. Human and filly grieved together. When life changed and forced the sale of all of her horses, a 4-H student bought her. Nearly 15 years later, Darcy brought her home to help establish HORSES on the Ranch.


15 year old quarter horse/arabian mare

Not a lot is known about Maggie...One former owner had grandchildren who enjoyed riding her around the pasture. She was once traded for a couple of sheep.

Maggie has a partial paralysis on the left side of her face, giving her a twisted little nose and slowing her eating a bit. With her special little face, Maggie has an edge on connecting in the healing world.


23 year old former blm wild horse

Paloma was born in the wild and spent her first few years on the range. She was gathered with others, but passed over for adoption several times before finding her home. She was reported to be the easiest, sweetest horse to gentle and train. She was sold to a man who was looking for a good horse, but a car accident left him unable to ride or care for a horse, so Paloma returned to her previous owner. She found another home, and then made her way to help Mattie and Maggie at HORSES on the Ranch.

Marty and Cat

12 year old warmblood gelding and 24 year old quarter horse mare

Cat and Marty were gifted to us from Angela, a dear friend of Darcy's.

Marty comes from a world-class program raising competitive dressage and event horses. Due to an injury, he has followed a different path of foal-raiser, and now, equine therapist. He is known to steal jackets off of tractors, and lids off of coffee cups. This gentle giant is a gift.

Cat is a well-bred working cow horse that never quite made the lineup for training. She is beautiful, smart, and regal in her own way. Don't tell Marty. So glad to have her on our team!


13 year old Paint horse mare

Sparks is our sweet, shining, sometimes sassy, fancy pants girl. Born to be a world-class Reined Cowhorse, from a line of champions, an injury sidelined her at a young age. We are grateful for the generosity of McSpyder Ranch and Steffen Performance Horses for sending her to us to share her wisdom and her spirit.

Horses from the community

We cannot serve our clients in their heading journey without our equine partners...

But helping humans learn to heal is a stressful job for a horse, just as supporting friends and family in crisis is stressful for us. It is our job, as the human partners in this healing work, to ensure their well-being.

Because of this, we need 6 to 10 good horses in our herd so that we can ethically care for our partners, match them to clients, and manage their workloads.

We regularly have excellent candidates ready to join our team, but to care for them we need your help. Feed, veterinary and hoof care costs about $2000 per horse, per year. Illness or injury increase that significantly.

Can you, your team, or your business sponsor a horse?