Our Strategic Vision

We approach healing through trauma-informed, strength-based, experiential learning activities in partnership with horses. Because horses are innately sensitive and responsive, they are excellent partners in healing. Working through horses, people are often able to face challenges, overcome barriers and tap into their own deep wisdom, empowering self-discovery, growth and healing. Our work is supported by a rapidly-growing body of research on the benefits of equine-facilitated therapy, growth and learning. Therapeutic or Learning sessions are held by a team of at least three – a Mental Health Professional, a certified Equine Professional, and the horse(s). We operate according to the Eagala model, which mandates a Team Approach that is Solution-Oriented, Ground-Based and held to high Ethical Standards.

We are deepening and building upon existing relationships and experience, meeting a growing need for options and opportunities in the healing of trauma and building of community. We maintain professional accreditation and strive for excellence through ongoing training, mentorship and partnerships with successful programs, offering the best in cutting-edge therapeutic and restorative practices in our work with equine partners and on the ranch. We continue to expand our network and leverage resources to increase the community’s capacity for wrap-around services.

We know that educating and empowering women is the most efficient way to lift-up, heal and strengthen families and communities, therefore we offer protected space and programming specific to them.

We know that our Veterans deserve every opportunity to connect, to heal and to find their way home, therefore we offer protected space and programming specific to them.

We know that it takes a village to raise a child, that healthy adult mentorship and multi-generational activities are well-documented to have positive impacts on young people, and that hands-on experiences and learning in nature is important to healthy growth, therefore we offer programming specific to them.

We fund our work through fee-for service activities, individual and corporate donations, fundraising events and partnerships. We also offer retreat space and guided professional development, workshops and clinics for leadership teams, clubs and organizations on the ranch. We host all-inclusive trail rides, camp-outs, and campfire dinners for fun and camaraderie. We believe in the importance of relationships and partnerships and welcome all opportunities to work together in making our community healthy, vibrant, empowering and strong.

We work with most insurance providers to quickly offer treatment and critical access.