Finding the Perfect Holiday Gifts while Making a Difference: HORSES Fundraiser at MAKERS

November 30, 2023

Rick Steber MAKERS — A Place for Artists & Craftspeople Supporting HORSES on the Ranch

A Gift for Your Loved Ones and Our Community

Finding the perfect holiday gifts is always a challenge, but what if you could make a difference while doing so? We invite you to join us at Rick Steber — MAKERS for a HORSES on the Ranch holiday fundraiser. Find meaningful gifts that bring joy to your loved ones and help make it possible for local veterans, women, and youth to access equine therapeutic services.

MAKERS Prineville’s Collaborative Community

Prineville’s own Rick Steber is a famous author with over 50 books. His latest, Out Killing Indians, which raises awareness of the painful history forced upon Native Americans, was chosen as the international grand prize winner by the Indie Book Award. Guided by his passion for craft and community, he opened Rick Steber — MAKERS in downtown Prineville. Makers is a collaborative community that sells his books and the work of many other artists living in Central and Eastern Oregon.

At Rick Steber — MAKERS, visitors can find a diverse range of handmade items created by talented local artists and craftspeople. You can find unique and beautiful gifts for your loved ones this week while supporting HORSES on the Ranch. All items marked with red tags, garlands, flowers, and bells are 50% off and help raise funds for HORSES on the Ranch!

Look for the Red Tags with Garlands, Flowers, and Bells to Support HORSES on the Ranch

Come by Rick Steber — MAKERS today to get holiday gifts for half the price this season. For every gift you find with a red tag and garlands, flowers, or bells, you get 50% off the listing price and Rick Steber — MAKERS covers the other 50% and donates it to HORSES on the Ranch!

Some of the many amazing MAKERS handmade crafts you can find in the store include:

  • Holiday cards, ornaments, children’s stuffed animals and toys.
  • Handcrafted hats, jewelry, leatherwork, birdfeeders, and art pieces.
  • You can even get locally made, fresh sourdough bread on Saturdays!

These are just a few examples of the unique items you can discover at Rick Steber — MAKERS. Each piece showcases the craftsmanship and creativity of the local artists, making it an exceptional place to find one-of-a-kind holiday gifts and support a local business, local artists, and the Prineville community.

Your Purchase supports Veterans, Youth, and Women in Our Community

Your purchases at Rick Steber — MAKERS will play a crucial role in supporting our HORSES on the Ranch services. Participating in the holiday fundraiser contributes to the well-being of local veterans, women, and youth who benefit from HORSES on the Ranch programs.

The funds raised through Rick Steber — MAKERS’ holiday fundraiser help provide access to equine therapy, a powerful form of treatment that promotes emotional healing and personal growth. Because horses are innately sensitive and responsive, they are excellent partners in healing. Working with HORSES, individuals are often able to face challenges, overcome barriers, and tap into their own deep wisdom, empowering self-discovery, growth, and healing. Our services offer a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to develop coping mechanisms, improve their emotional well-being, and enhance their overall quality of life.

By supporting Rick Steber — MAKERS and participating in the holiday fundraiser, you make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who rely on equine therapy and wellness services, fostering a positive impact on our community.

Visit Makers to Support HORSES on the Ranch

Check out Rick Steber — MAKERS at 131 NE 5th ST, across from Dillon’s Grill today. Store hours are Tuesday-Saturay 10 am – 5 pm.

When you buy items that have a red tag, garlands, flowers, or bells, you are directly contributing to and improving the availability of important mental health support services for veterans and youth at HORSES on the Ranch.

Seriously, everything with a red tag is 50% off!

Finding meaningful gifts that make a difference is a win-win, and this fundraiser produces a win-win-win-win! Your purchase supports a local business, local artists, HORSES on the Ranch, and your one-of-a-kind gift shows the person you love that you genuinely care. You win, they win, HORSES on the Ranch wins, and Rick Steber — MAKERS and local artists win, too!

Join us in positively impacting our community by choosing unique treasures at Rick Steber — MAKERS during the 2023 Holiday HORSES on the Ranch Fundraiser.